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Some photos I took at Little Rays Reptile Zoo last week

Jen is a zoo keeper at Jungle Cat World who came to get experience with our reptiles at Little Rays Reptile Zoo. She is in charge of the reptile section at JCW but also works a lot with the big cats. We had her over for almost a week and it was lots of fun as you can tell. We will be having more exchanges between the 2 zoos so that their people can get more experience with the reptiles and our lot can get more experience with the big cats.

Little Ray showing us how its done

Now this was fun! Nothing like holding a rattle in your hand

Catch a croc by the tail... well maybe an alligator

A small nile croc

2 lovely ladies! That's our star "Lady Chomps-a-Lot"

"Hunter" our 3 year old 165lbs 17-18ft reticulated python... yup he is a big boy and still growing!

"Chase" and Jen. The 2 alligators will be moved to a much bigger pen that is being built for them. This should be ready in the next 3 weeks.

A small anaconda

Who's this geeza!? lol
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