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I don't know if you just listed everything you want or would like to breed. Are you asking for opinions? Because out of everything on that list my fav. is the Surinam boas. ringed are nice but it's hard to raise the hatchlings. High humidity. Tree boas if you like them get them. If you want something to breed to make a little money on (which is not be a concern for some) trees prices seem to be falling. Bloods and Borneo's are nice for a living sausage ( sorry). White lipped are beautiful but get big and have to be tamed ( or given a seditive) so take that into consideration. why get Columbians when you can get Surinams. I am still trying to figure out what brb is. how about a corn snake? Kidding! Honestly if it's your love you'll be happy with anything maybe who has a better deal at the time will be a factor. Good luck with your decision. i can't wait to hear what you have decided.-Tim

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