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wow, I missed most of the tweaking. lol. It is looking soooooooo great!! I love it!! Great work guys!! I LOVE the snake!! One suggestion though, maybe he should have his tongue flicking out like he is smelling the font. lol, I don't know why, I just love snake tongues.
Also I think it would be great to have a couple more herps on it to show that ssnakess isn't just about snakes. Maybe a row from small to larger a scorpion, a gecko, a beardie, monitor, and a caimen. Or something like that. But that is a lot of work!! you could also just put some font that says " insects, amphibian, lizards, and snakes all welcome here." Or something like that. And just omit that when doing the t-shirts. Although I would love to have a beardie on there for when I buy my shirt. lol.
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