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Honestly I buy what I like the most and I hardly ever worry about what I might get in the future.

I have had lots of thoughts about buying a male to breed with my snow female corn to give a bit more variety when the hatchlings come but when I really think about it, I love snows. So I breed her with my snow male.

I think to maintain the level of interest it takes to care for these animals properly and really feel happy doing it, the ones you own must be the ones you love. You may come out with some nice pumpkin orange banded babies, but do YOU like the look of normals better? If so get the normal one. If you think you will enjoy the orangy ones even more so, then try for that. But don't let baby prices, and public opinion sway you from what animals you keep and breed in your own personal collection.

I believe if you keep this in mind, you will choose which one is right for you, and the one you will enjoy having in the long run.

Good luck! I love my Pueblan!

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