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KLG: Thanks for your thoughful response. most of those things are questions I have asked myself already and haven't quite finished answering them myself. I'd say in order what appeals to me most is Husbandry, Public Education, and Animal rescue but I'm not entirely sure which order. As for my own collection I'm definitely B.

How will working with animals as a career affect your personal collection? What happens when you spend all day looking after animals only to come home & have more to deal other words, will it turn "fun" into "just more work?"
This is my biggest fear thus far. It's the reason I dropped my major in Music Education freshman year, Music wasn't fun anymore. I don't know that this would happen with animals because seeing the direct results of my work when an animal gets to live a happy healthy life, or knowing I helped someone understand a species better would as satisfying as a job and with my personal collection as well. If I did decide to take on an animal-related career, in most cases I would need to spend at least another year in school or some sort of training program, so money is a big issue. I have a lot of student loans to pay off from undergrad and I would likely accumulate more when I went back to school. The beauty of getting an MBA is that it's free where I work and most schools let you take courses at night on a part-time basis. I'm still very torn. I could continue as I planned and get the MBA and get some job where I can make/save enough money to go back to school and study zoology or something, or I could take a huge pay cut and dive into something now.

I would love to know more aboutyour career change. what did you change to, how did you go about it, are you satisfied, etc. If you're not comfortable discussing it in forums, you can always email me at
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