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First I would recommend narrowing down your career choices to a particular field of specialization. Ask yourself some not-so-hypothetical questions:

Which of the following areas appeals to you most?
- Captive propagation
- Husbandry
- Veterinary medicine
- Public education
- Animal rescue
- ??????????

Do you want to be self-employed or do you mind working for someone else as long as it's animal-related?

What sacrifices are you willing to make to meet your goal of working with animals, and how confident are you that the ends will justify the means?

How do you view your current collection of animals & your involvement with them:
A) An enjoyable hobby & an opportunity for some "downtime" away from everyday job/lifestyle stress.
B) A consuming passion that nothing can dent, even when things aren't always going your way - i.e. animals get sick or die; you lose an expected clutch; you come across the person that is out to kill every snake they meet, no matter what you tell them; you find that local habitat for endangered species is being developed for some condominiums and Fish & Wildlife is perfectly content to look the other way, etc. etc. etc.

How will working with animals as a career affect your personal collection? What happens when you spend all day looking after animals only to come home & have more to deal other words, will it turn "fun" into "just more work?"

What are your salary requirements? I know this may sound funny, but based on which direction you choose compensation for an animal-related career can range from minimum wage to a pretty decent living, depending on what you need to maintain a quality of life with which you're happy/content/comfortable.

This is all just food for thought to help you in your decision. 7 months ago I went from a professional career in print media to working with animals full-time and my life has changed radically because of it. If I can be of any help to you let me know!!!

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