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I have one that I bought from LLL Reptile a little whiel ago. In the short time I've had her, I've learned a *whole lot* about keeping them:

They eat two-three large crickets a week, which should be dusted occasionally. Wax worms can be given now and then for variety. They need some height to their cage, with plenty of branches to climb on, but hide boxes are also a must...some on the ground and one or two up higher is a good idea. They spend a great deal of time hiding, but the more branches and hides you give them, the more you will see them - they feel more comfortable knowing they *can* hide, and will come out more. They are more likely to take water from leaves and off of themselves than from a dish, so misting is mandatory (not too much, they are prone to RI in high humidity), but a dish should also be provided. They should not be handled, unless there is a medical emergency that calls for it. This is a snake you watch, not one you play with. The rare Rough Green who "loves" to be handled is very much the exception. If you handle them too much, you will stress them out and possibly kill them. Also, almost every Rough Green available is WC...if you find a CB one, lucky you! Treat for parasites right away, I promise you the snake will have them.

Care of these guys is a little tricky, but *very* rewarding, they are ultimately cool creatures, and endlessly entertaining. Good luck, and post again if you have more questions...I'm happy to relate my experiences.

- Victoria :w
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