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Happy birthday

well Jay happy birthday to you in Detroit ROCK CITY YOU YOU YOU even made a Reptile expo up here in the frozen wasteland that we call home (Canada) were the beer is cheap and much more potent than the U.S. or the U.K . If you need proof try drinking with me with the beer of your choice hands down I win (I am Canadian) there is a story floating around I can drink a 6 pack in one hour well thats not true "I got it up to 8 pints in one hour" go big or stay home,smoke em if you got em and all that crap!!!!

And if you all must know really I am not crazy(no meds or nuthing) I am sane as sane as can be so what does that say about the world ?Hey Shane I really am sane man Ignore all those email's and pm's it was not me man I swear I'm not crazy man (well unless I drink 6 or 8 or more in an hour lol)

Happy b day Jay welcome to a quater century and here is to 3 more quaters for you.

Hip " the freak with a 12 pack stashed "
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