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Originally posted by SnowFoxx
Vic (and Lisa) - That's actually a good way to get free meat if you get the body soon after it was hit. After all, hunters drag their kills all around to weighing stations and such, and the meat is still good when they get around to it. It sounds gross to pick up road-kill, but it really isn't. Seems like a waste of meat - and a life - to just let it sit by the side of the road, you know?

- Victoria :w
I know, I don't have a problem with it. if a deer destroyed my vehical i think i'd eat it too. the one time i did hit a deer (i swear the things are suicidal) i was in saskatchewan and it broke my bumper but my bumper broke it's neck. but in saskatchewan you're not allowed to claim it you have to leave it @ the side of the road for other animals to eat it. kind of stinky and makes for more road hazards if you ask me... also in saskatchewan you have to pay extra for wild life coverage.
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