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When we moved last november we had 3 corns, 3 boas. 3 ball python, 2 burmese pythons and a king snake.

What we did was we took 3 coolers, put the boids in bags (seeing as we had 3 different species of boid) and seperated them into the 3 different coolers. We didn't want the different boids to interact with each other or the king interacting with the corns.

then the put the coulibrids in delicups or tupperware depending on the size of the snake and put them in the coolers. the kingsnake rode in the same cooler as the burms, the corns in the deli cups (they were small rode with the boas and the final corn in a small tupperware rode in with the ball pythons.
then we made sure they would be warm enough by having a stat power(converts dc to ac) and a few heating pads to keep them warm and thermometers to monitor the temp. now you're moving in summer so cooling will be your issue, not heating. and yes having the monitor seperate would probably be best. we packed the snake enclosures last and unpacked them first. then while our help was unloading the truck I set up the snakes in their enclosures and shut the door to the room they were getting. the next day i managed to actually put the snakes on their shelves after finishing unloading the truck (we have enough furnature to fill a 3 bedroom house or more). anyways.. that was our adventure in moving....
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