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mite info + why does my snake always do this..

Hey all, I believe these forums are where I posted about 4 months ago asking for advice on how to get rid of a case of mites on my red tail boa.
Several people recommended Provent-a-mite and I ordered it and it worked PERFECTLY, I applied it once and have not seen a single mite since then. Amazing that its so easy to get rid of these things when the right product is used, and I struggled for so long with Ivermectin (from the vet) and ridmite from the pet store.

Also I'm wondering if anyone else notices that their snake does the same thing here:

my snake seems to ALWAYS wait for me to clean out his tank before he goes to the bathroom. It seems like 95% of the time that I clean his tank, within 3 hours of putting him back in the nice clean tank, he lets out a huge crap. I think he does it on purpose to drive me crazy lol
Does anyone else experience this? do they just like to crap on a cleaner surface?

thanks in advance, see ya's later

PS. I posted this on another topic but no one read it and I realized it had nothing specifically to do with boa's so I put it here
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