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Exclamation Sometime this summer, group trip to Cedar Point

Ok I was looking at Cedar Points web site today. And for those of you who don't know, Cedar Point is the worlds best Ammusement Park in the world, (voted year in year out). and its not to far from everyone. Its less than 2 hours from me, and According to Shane 5 hours or so. Its located in Sandusky Ohio, which is off Lake Erie.

I am wondering if anyone would be intrested in going as a group. I beleive we can get group discounts if we get enough people. Regular Ticket Price at the Gate is $44 US, but I know I can get Discount Tickets here locally. And I'll check on the prices of those shortly.

The Web site to Cedar Point it take a look. And if anyone is intrested please respond here!


PS the new ride for this breaks all records, 420 feet high, 90 drop (yes that means straight down!) 120 MPH
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