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I think the point that is important is that no snake "enjoys" doing the things we do, no snake can even understand he is in a cage, he cannot fathom that idea. They just don't have the mental capabilities.

And as this is true, and we humans often put our own emotions to animals that simply cannot have them...we should all think about this when doing something with our snakes we "think" they will enjoy.

My point? Sure take your BP to something if it will have no ill effects on health, but at the same time don't assume he thinks he is at a party. Assume things off facts. Fact, BPs live in borrows in Africa. Fact: they live to survive, live to eat, sleep, grow and breed. Period. As long as you use facts for the basis of reasoning when trying to figure out if something is good for your snake, then I personally feel it will be o.k. But when human emotions such as "enjoy" "like" and "fun" are brought into the mix, things are no longer based on the animal, but on the person.

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