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OT: cat worms

Hi I was wondering since most people here have other pets aside from reptiles, if anyone has a suggestion...

When you let your cats outside, they obviously need to be wormed. Its cheap enough at the vet, but they want us to do it like each month since our cat Spaz is outside each day, and a huge mouser. She catches 3-5 rodents/birds per day and eats some of them.

I don't like the idea of forcing Spaz into a carrier every four weeks, then driving all the way to the vet and back just for a simple 5 dollar worming. (as you can see this is not a money issue) And since she is always outside she needs worming a lot or else she gets infested.

Does anyone know what else we can use? Or how to go about it? Maybe the vet has something better I can ask for?

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