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Re: New Reptile Bab - Wanting Advice and Opinions

Originally Posted by murrindindi View Post
I`m only responding to what you`ve said so please do not take offence; there`s a mountain of misinformation "out there", virtual beginners write "caresheets" that are often total garbage, you have to be very careful who you take advise from.
If you decide not to get the lizards you will not learn from previous mistakes.
Could you keep them somewhere the cats cannot have access to?
Nah it's all right, I wasn't offended. Maybe a little annoyed sure, but we're all good!

I understand that. Tjr internet is easily the most misleading place in the universe! I don't go for just one source, or set of sources. The amount of articles, caresheets and the like I compile to look through is...Mind-numbing at times. XD I base my own decided "care guide" off of the similarities, or "middle ground" I see in them all. As far as I can tell, that seems like the best option~

To be honest I'm not worried about the cats getting to the lizards and hurting them. It was the rats I was worried about. If anything I'm just worried I'll be battling to keep my heat-loving gremlins from basking under the heat lamp meant for the reptiles themselves! XD

We're moving to Georgia really soon, and as previously mentioned I only plan on getting the skinks after my hamster has had a full life with me, so as of now I am not sure where I could put them. The cats are very...Acrobatic. As cats are~ I am sure they could scale and jump to just about anywhere if they really wanted to!
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