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Re: My reptile care site

Sorry to point this out to you, but I was not really enthralled by your site. The design is OK, but the content ranges from questionable over outdated to completely wrong more often than not.

Contact Information
You said you have a FB site as well – why is there no link to it?

What Reptile
There are a lot good beginners Reptiles and Amphibians out there, so why did you choose Chameleons, Chinese Water Dragons, Iguanas and large Monitors, large Pythons and (best of all) Crocodilians as #7 to #11?? Yes you did rate them worse then the other reptiles you mentioned, but why mention them at all for a beginners site?

Your descriptions are not really optimum husbandry, the recommended enclosure sizes are on the small side, below recommended minimum size.

Calcium Information
The article itself is OK, but it doesn’t mention the need for Calcium and the basic mechanism between UVB/UVA, Provitamin-D3, Vitamin Dž and calcification

General remark: with my iPad I can’t see any caresheet, might be a problem because you used submenus here

Leopard gecko
20 GAL is below recommended minimum size (which is something like 90 x 45 x 45 cm / 3 ft x 18 x 18). Cage carpet is a source for infections, when your reptile defecates, any liquid portion runs through the carpet to the wooden or glass floor underneath; this produces ideal conditions for the formation of what is known as biofilm.

UTH, CHE and blue lights are a relicts from the stone age of reptile husbandry

What about UVA/UVB/IR-A/IR-B?

I could repeat myself for the other two caresheets as well, but it is basically the same. CHE emit IR-C which can’t be used by your reptiles directly, it destroys water molecules in the air and lowers the humidity.

So in my opinion contrary from what you think yourself
Originally Posted by Herp Husbandry View Post
[...]A while ago I started to educate people on how to properly care for reptiles and amphibians.
your information is not proper husbandry, sometimes even below bare minimum standards.

My recommendation for you would be to become a member of the FB group “Advancing Herpetological Husbandry” and “Reptile Lighting”, here you will find good care sheets and papers about correlations between UVA/UVB, D3 and calcium and why is usually no problem if the other parameters are in order

Minimum enclosure size recomendations:
1,0 Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli, 1,2 Gonyosoma oxycephalum, 1,2 Philodryas baroni, 1,2 Spilotes pullatus, 2,1 Spilotes sulphureus, 0,1 Gonyosoma boulengeri, 1,1 Zamenis longissimus, 0,1 Malpolon sp., 1,1 Malpolon monspessulanus
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