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Re: Help me choose what snake to get

What species of rat snakes are available for you? My Russian and Japanese rat snakes are really great for handling, never flighty or defensive. My prasina, aka green bush rat snakes, are not at all willing to be handled. My normal black rat is fine, while his leucistic sister is a bit moody, and has tagged me a couple of times just to let me know she didn't appreciate being picked up. My speckled king snakes are very docile, while the Sinoloan milk snake was very flighty as a hatchling. Grown out a bit, but still quite young, now she comes right to my hand to take her fuzzy mouse rather than ducking for cover when I open the lid of her tub.
Some years ago when I was researching various species before switching from aquarium fish to snakes I passed over BRB's because of their relatively strict housing requirements. That's when I ran across the Dominican red mountain boas, and they became my first choice. Not easy to find, only a couple people were breeding them, but now they are a bit more available. Not sure how likely you'll be to find them, but certainly worth looking into.
Have you looked into finding an importer to see what other less commonly available species are legal?
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