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Help me choose what snake to get

I had 2 corn snakes when I was a teenager/in my 20s. Now I'm a little older and would like to get a slightly bigger snake, the immediate obvious was a ball python but I don't know... I don't like how short and girthy they are haha. I don't want to get a pet that I'm not totally enamoured with from the start you know.

I LOVE BCIs, they'd be perfect for me... But they're illegal in my country for some reason

So then I started looking at jungle carpet pythons and fell in love with them too, and they're legal in my country but I can't find them anywhere! None at stores, no breeders, nothing. I'm not sure of the legality/logistics of shipping one from another country in Europe to here. If it's even possible that is?

The only snakes I can find being sold here are corn snakes, rat snakes, balls, and strangely enough, Brazilian Rainbow Boas. So now I'm thinking of getting a BRB. Are they generally handleable and active? I know they can be nippy when young, etc. need high humidity, I've read plenty already. But I'm just not sure what's best for me. What I liked about carpet pythons is that they're so active and curious. I like a snake I can handle and take out of the enclosure.
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