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New England Expo

I just got back, and it was great!! I was an expo virgin until today, and now I'm an addict. Here's the tally: 0.1 Savannah Monitor, 0.1 Trans-Pecos Rat, 0.0.1 Gold Dust Day Gecko. The Sav is mine, and Rat is my fiance's, and I bought the gecko for his little brother. Then I had to buy cages and accesorie for the new family members. I went over my bufget just a wee bit...but why did I ever expect that I could keep myself to $100, anyway?

NERD was there with some of the most amazing BP morphs available, and it was super cool to see them in person. The variety was good, but not great. However I was, for the most part, *very* impressed with the condition of the animals and the way they were presented at the show (good space for the larger species, proper handling, enough heat, etc.)

I can hardly wait for the next expo, and I will definitely be attending the Manchester event next year, and years after if it keeps going as well as this year. Did anyone else get there?

- Victoria :w

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