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Both leopard geckos not eating

I have two leopard geckos, Murphy and Lila. Lila is a female adult leopard gecko i got from the reptile store i go to and murphy is a possible female i got from the same store as well. I keep them in separate tanks for safety reasons. Theyíre both really good eaters and get a variety of food. But for the last few weeks they both havenít been wanting to eat at all, they did shed out at the same time. After that they still wouldnít take any food, i tried different food to interest them and still no interest. Their tank temps and humidity are the same always it never changes. I am scared there might be something wrong with them but so confused why itís both of them when theyíre across the room from each other. I did have a ball python in the same room that had a respiratory infection and was warned my other reptiles could catch it but my other pythons are fine. Murph and Lila are the only two causing issues which is frustrating cause theyíre so darn cute so i canít stay mad urgghhhh!!!! I did research that from January to June/July itís breeding season and they might go through periods of heat and go off food for awhile but i donít know.

Any ideas whatís going on??! I love all my reptile babies I donít like it when thereís something up
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