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Re: Jungle Carpet Python: Feeding Pause.

Thank you, Chairman! I know, 8 months is at about 2 months longer than any snake I've ever had. (Then again, I've only had 3 Royals and 1 Jungle Carpet before the girl I currently have.)

About the cleaning, I'm definitely a tad obsessive about that. I started doing it every week because I wanted to prevent water residue build-up on the glass. Since I use spring water instead of distilled water, this has been an issue for me in the past. Just cleaning with light soap and water hasn't done it for me before so now I start by rubbing actual cut lemons on the glass, then carefully and thoroughly clean over with light soap, then water rinse, then dry. It's a bit of a process.

Anyway, I appreciate very much the advice. I've seen Tyler Nolan use chicken broth as well to help prompt the food response as well. I've always thought the scent of an actual bird would be too different from a broth made from its insides and that a snake would balk at that difference. If you're suggesting it as well though, I have to assume I'm wrong about that.

Though I don't understand why she didn't need it before. Would this be to just get her started again and after a couple initial feedings this way I wouldn't have to do it afterward? It's not a big deal, of course, just something I didn't have to do before.

In any case, I should attempt the broth approach *before* resorting to live, correct? I'm thinking that even if live works, I'm going to have to do that live-to-f/t process all over again..

Thank you for reading through all my verbosity, by the way. Unfortunately, it seems I never learned the virtues of brevity.


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