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possible free boa

I have a pair of boas that mated all april. This is my first attemp at breeding boas so I still am not sure what to look for. Copulation was observed and she shed between june 6th-9th. Lately she has been curled up in a tightly mangled mess on her heatpad, she doesn't look comfortable at all. She still eats but never leaves the pad. I didn't observe ovulation because she is in a huge cage and its hard to get a good view. Does it sound like she took and if so when should I excpect?

I will give a free boa to whoever comes the closest to the birth date if she is actually gravid. I will also pay for half the shipping, I am in Edmonton and I know a lot of you are out east and shipping can be expensive these days. Also I have noticed that a lot of you know eachother so this is also a little ice-breaker. With me being new to this I look here for a lot of advise and I guess this is a way to show my appreciation, well hopefully if she is gravid.

This will be for people residing in canada


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