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Re: Jungle Carpet Python: Feeding Pause.

Thank you once again, Chairman. Your thorough information is tremendously appreciated.

I hear you on the feeding. I won't make the same mistake I did before by ordering too much from Just not worth the potential jeopardy to Medusa's health. And if it comes right down to it, I'll just have to jettison the larger, fatty food reserves in favor of the leaner.

I will likely try the basking spot so thank you for suggesting this. She hasn't had one before and she has many perfect sheds under her belt but I'll give this a shot and see if she migrates over to the hotter side.

If she does yield a clutch, frankly it's going to either be her incubating them herself or I'll have to destroy them. The only way I'll destroy them is either if she abandons them herself or if I can tell they're going bad. I'll definitely feel sorry for her if either of these things happens but I'm just not prepared equipment-wise to incubate eggs.

But I almost certainly won't take them out from under her. I feel sure that snakes are smarter than we give them credit for. I always see YT breeders like Tyler Nolan, Chandler, Venomman, and ViperKeeper comment about how intelligent venomous snakes like Cobras, Vipers, Taipans, Mambas, etc. are but I'm convinced my favorite snakes (Pythons) are just as intelligent. It also breaks my heart when I see these breeders use f/t Retics and Burmese as feeder items for other snakes. I know some snakes are cannibalistic (for lack of a better term) but I just hate the idea of violence against any snake.

For me, anyway, they are sacred animals.

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