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Re: Jungle Carpet Python: Feeding Pause.

On the feeding advice, I personally prefer to feed one lean prey item when possible, but will feed multiple lean items over one fatty item. I provided the alternative information because plenty of keepers feed their snakes that way without problems. I got my first snake somewhere in the neighborhood of 1993-1995; a lot has changed since then and I am constantly keeping my eye out for ways to adapt/improve how I keep snakes.

In terms of heating, perhaps you need a basking spot. I keep my carpet pythons' enclosures at 76F in warm weather and 72 in cool weather. They have a 4' long branch with heat cable wrapped around about 16" of it to create a basking spot that is 95F. The snakes perch over the cable to bask and perch on the unheated part of the branch when they are done. The cable does increase the temperature of the enclosure by a couple degrees on that side but, for the most part, it provides a local area of higher heat without significantly increasing the enclosure temperature. There are other ways of adding basking spots, that's just how I'm doing it for my carpet pythons.

It is interesting that you mentioned maternal incubation, as my female python used her basking spot significantly more when she had her eggs. It was actually when she was basking that I was able to remove her eggs and incubate them without getting bitten.

The odds of your snake producing fertile eggs is very low. I believe parthenogenesis has been documented in some snake species but it is quite rare. If the eggs look healthy then you could incubate them, at least for a couple weeks so you can see if they rot or develop veins, but generally you could probably just throw them away. The snake isn't going to care.
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