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Re: Jungle Carpet Python: Feeding Pause.


Thank you again. The one time over the past 3 months that she *almost* ate (opening her mouth and then relenting last second) was an extra-large mouse so I've been starting with that every weekly attempt. Last attempt (2 nights ago) I started with a large mouse but it didn't make any difference. Regardless, I get what you're saying about smaller, leaner prey. I'll take that advice once she starts eating again.

With regard to digestion, it actually makes more sense to me that smaller, multiple items would be easier to digest. I use the "jawbreaker" idea: if you eat one huge jawbreaker, it'll take forever to dissolve. But many small ones will dissolve quicker because you're increasing the surface area for the same amount of weight, thereby augmenting the efficacy of the dissolution/digestion. Do you not agree?

She doesn't currently have a lay-box but she has a hide that she loves. It's an all-black, non-BPA cover that accommodates her size really well. If she was gravid, do you think she would use that to lay eggs? I really don't like using heating pads so what I did was I cut out a large circle in the wood on which the enclosure sits and set up a heat-lamp to point through the hole into the glass. I then have a piece of fabric that I use as a heat-sink that's Velcroed to the glass so it doesn't overheat. Then I have substrate on the other side of the glass (the side she's on) to deflect and propagate the heat further. As you might expect, this took some trial & error and I had to get a whole new enclosure when the glass cracked on the previous one. The reward is she really loves it in there.

Sorry for all the info but I'll also take your advice on varying the prey items to see if that helps.


Thank you for joining in! I get what you're saying that I might be overthinking the situation this early on. My 2 Royal Pythons stopped eating about the same time my current girl has and I think they didn't even eat for 5 months. The only real concern I have is that I think Medusa (my girl & currently the only snake I have) stopped eating a couple months earlier than they did while it was still summer.

I've tried increasing the heat by the tiniest increments, believe me, but she doesn't like it. She barely tolerates the 80 F as it is. I've never had a snake that was as sensitive to heat as she is. (Then again, I've only ever had 4 snakes, including her.)

She hasn't only lost 20g though. Since she stopped eating 3 months ago, I think she's lost 60g - 80g. However, I suppose that still isn't very much. But of course you make good points: I should stop offering food every week and offer it at the most every other week, correct? Also, she's traditionally been a voracious eater within the confines of her enclosure so it's not like she's just going to permanently stop doing that, right? I hope not.

Just going back briefly to the being-gravid issue: I hope she's not as I'm not a breeder. I would have no idea what to do with a bunch of baby Jungle Carpets. As fascinating as it would be and as cute as I'm sure they are, it wouldn't make sense for me to have them and I'd just have to sell them -- something I really don't want to do. One thing I will not do is take the eggs from Medusa and put them into an incubator. I'm certain doing this traumatizes the mother. I'm convinced that no mom -- reptile or mammal -- wants to lose her babies. So, if she does lay eggs, I'll build her a lay-box in addition to everything else she has in her enclosure, take the very best care of her I possibly can, and let her bring her babies to term. I don't have it in me to take the eggs from her. I love this snake with all my life. She's just about the best thing that ever happened to me.

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