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Re: Jungle Carpet Python: Feeding Pause.

It’s that time of year when lots of snakes stop eating. She’s pretty well established so I see no need for assist feeding. She’ll eat when she’s ready. The cooler temps could be slowing down her appetite. A few of my snakes go off food in the winter and pick up again in the spring. It happens more with my males than the females. They haven’t shut down yet but I am starting to spread their meals out a bit. Your enclosure temps seem a little cool to me at 80/70. My carpets have a hot spot of 86-90 and my ambient temps are in the low-mid 70s during fall/winter. They might even hit the high 60s at night. If she’s only lost 20g in 3 months I wouldn’t be concerned at all. That’s a pretty good growth rate for a mouser so if it works for you there’s no need to change it. At 2kg my carpets were eating large rats every 2-3 weeks. I’d suggest boosting your temps and to keep offering food every 2-4 weeks until she decides to eat again.
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