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Re: Jungle Carpet Python: Feeding Pause.

For multiple prey items, I prefer to feed multiple lean animals over one fatty animal. For example, extra large rats and mice tend to be older, less healthy, and fatty retired breeders. I'd rather feed multiple younger, healthier, and leaner prey items and make up the weight that way. It doesn't have anything to do with the size of the snake to me, they'll grow as big as they're going to grow, it is just about trying to keep them on a healthy diet.

Some people are of the opinion that single prey items are healthier, regardless of the condition of the prey. It has to do with how much work a stomach has to do in order to digest its way through all the fur and other indigestible bits, and the potential for multiple prey items to be longer than the stomach itself is.

What you are doing meal-wise with your carpet seems fine to me, carpets tend to not be picky when it comes to prey species or size.

However, the size of your prey item may temporarily be an issue. I would attempt to feed a small or medium rat if you have one, just to see if that interests her. She might want something bigger. If she takes rats then you can feed smaller rats and offer a mouse chaser after.

I bred my carpets and my female went off food for several months as a result. When it came time to eat again she did the opposite, she acted 'afraid' of rats but enthusiastically ate mice. She switched back to rats after a couple meals.

My carpets are high % Irian Jaya mixes but they tend to prefer temps in the low to mid 70s most of the time as well. I wouldn't worry about that.

By lay box, I mean a box you place inside the enclosure. For a lay box, I used a 15qt rubbermaid tub with a hole cut in the lid. I filled the tub about half-way with substrate, either moss or coco coir. It was a snug fit but my snake found it acceptable. She still uses it as a hide every once in a while.

Different species, but years ago I had a female cornsnake that ate up to a half dozen mice a week for 6 months and fasted the other 6 months. I wouldn't repeat that schedule now but a well fed snake can go months without eating and be just fine. I don't remember how long my carpet python fasted for while gravid but I want to say it was 90-120 days or so.

Before assist feeding I would try other prey options. A rat, quail, chick, rabbit, or maybe something scented with low sodium chicken broth.
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