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Re: Jungle Carpet Python: Feeding Pause.

I noticed you said that you're feeding mice. Is that correct, or are you feeding rats?

I say this because a 2000+gram snake should be eating ~200 grams of food once every two weeks. Adult mice run about 20 grams, with extra larges at maybe 35 grams. A medium rat weighs in around 100 grams, large rats around 200 grams.

That all said, your snake did grow well on the diet you offered it. In fact, it grew to breeding size, which is just about anything over 1300 grams. It is possible that your python developed eggs and that you need to wait for her to either reabsorb or lay the eggs. Not all female pythons will produce eggs without being with a male, but it can happen. I'd give her a lay box and see what happens.
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