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Jungle Carpet Python: Feeding Pause.

Hey there guys! You all really helped me out about a year and a half ago with transitioning from live to f/t for my beloved female Jungle Carpet Python, Medusa. She's fed pretty ravenously since then with the current exception: she hasn't eaten since beginning of August 2020 (about 3 months).

She's 2 years and 3 months old and currently weighs 2043g (4.5 pounds) but I've only been tracking her weight for about a month and during this time she's lost ~20g.

I've been trying to feed her once a week but I understand I should not be doing this, correct? I should attempt every other week if my understanding is accurate. The prey I've been offering is large mice and during my attempt 3 weeks ago she opened her mouth like she was going to feed and then relented at the last second. I've been keeping her enclosure at the standard Carpet temp/humidity though it *is* a bit cooler in the house since we get a substantial winter here in Albuquerque.

Is this what is triggering the pause in feeding? Should I be concerned that it's been 3 months since she last fed? If so, what suggestions might you guys have that could help here? (You were very helpful before so obviously that's why I'm coming to you with this new issue.) At what point should I attempt an assist-feed?

Thank you again in advance for any help and I hope you all are staying healthy and (relatively) happy in this crazy age of COVID.

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