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If you read my post, I never claim to know for a fact what my snake is feeling if it feels anything at all. I say he "seems" to be relaxed or whatever. It's pretty obvious when a snake seems stressed so I just take it that it "seems" content to be out when displaying relaxed type of behaviors. We'd all love to think that our herps enjoy something or have some kind of feeling but the truth is they most likely don't and we wont find out either way for quite some time.
I did read your post. And I read this one too. And all I get from it is that you seem to think that your snakes are either calm and relaxed or stressed and flighty. No in between? I think that that's generalizing snake behaviour and is not altogether accurate.

I don't think the snake would choose to go to a blessing per say! (who knows!!!) but I do think that pet snake do have the desire to explore outside their cage. If not, how do you explain my BP's trying to get out almost everynight for hours on end and snakes escaping in general?
So you observe your snake trying to squeeze out of its surroundings and scale the cage walls etc etc etc and you interpret this as the snake trying to escape? I find that very interesting because I highly doubt that Ball Pythons have a concept of being caged. I don't honestly think that my snakes are plotting to escape at night when they become active because they aren't happy being in "jail". They don't have that level of self consciousness. They are sentient, I'll give them that, but they lack consciousness so there is no way they can conceptualize being caged. They are simply trying to get somewhere because the cage is not meeting one or more of their requirements at that moment in time. Nothing more.

As for "fresh air" and being out in the open, well I have to disagree there as well (big surprise eh?). They don't respire like you or I do. They don't take a big breathe and go "ahhhhhh flavour country" or "this fresh air makes me feel so alive". It just doesn't happen. They are fossorial (bad term) by nature and spent a majority of time underground in crummy burrows in hot hot Africa. I don't picture wild Ball Pythons gathering to breathe in the fresh air and romp in the open together. They haven't evolved to do that, and for some reason, people want to force that on them.

And that's what I don't understand. I don't really care. I mean, you could BBQ and eat them for all I care. But don't theorize and say false statements to justify things that I very well know a BP will not "enjoy".


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