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whats the whole point of this discussion? people can say whatever they want and othere's will still do what they want, arguing who is right and who is wrong is pointless. what has been said are peoples views on this subject, getting ignorant and loud about it won't change a thing. People are still going to do as they please......enjoy what you have and happy herping!
Well then what's the purpose of a public forum to discuss reptiles at all then? Huh? I don't understand your point.

As for this thread, I think it is/was great. Lots of people said lots of intelligent things, and if I was a noo-bee to reptiles in general, or snakes in particular, I would be writing this stuff down to learn more. I've been breeding snakes for 12 years and I totally thought all the repsonses were great, even if I didn't agree with them. And isn't that what a public forum is all about?
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