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Generally, treatment for a RI includes: a)vet visit with swab to identify pathogen; b)medication from vet to kill the specific pathogen; c)obsessive cleaning of the cage with a dilute solution of chlorhexidine, F-10SC, or a similar animal-safe cleanser; d)raising the temperature of the basking spot or hot side of the enclosure by 5-10 degrees F.

The reason for the swab is so they treat for the right kind of bacteria. No sense using a medication designed to kill a bacteria that your snake isn't infected with.

If the snake is eating and defecating normally, and hasn't lost any weight, then I'd sterilize the enclosure as best I could and give the snake access to a little more heat (make sure the cool side stays where it is supposed to be). Let the snake regulate its own temps, give itself a "fever" so to speak, and let the immune system do what it is designed to do. If things don't resolve in two weeks then I'd go to a third vet or back to vet #1 for treatment.
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