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continiuing from the "" thread i must tell to you all (my people) how much i have suffer at another forum (that green-yellow colored US site). After posting a list of herps with scientific names what was happened after is beyond any imagination. They were so rude and hostile with me that i had to sit back to the chair and try to understand the reasons why. Finaly 10 people were fighting against me, naming, cursing to whom? To me?...Moderators that was acting reminding Mafia methods. My God what a bad experience! I spent 50 posts to fight for my rights, also i set my nervous system to alarming levels of vexation. I have ensured myself that i will never gonna visit that forum again. They say that you don't respect something if you don't loose it. This is a bit different but, i see again that this forum is beyond any comparison. We are united, mature, with disposal to learn more for our herps and share our knowledge with all the other members-our herp brothers and sisters. Now that i am back at sSNAKESs...i feel relaxed and peaceful.
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