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I would have to disagree about the No Pest Strips. I have heard nothing but bad things about this product. Yes, it does work, but if done incorrectly, proves FATAL to animals. Black knight is a good product, as is Provent-a-Mite. Both products, when used properly, will eliminate all mites and eggs usually with one dose. It boils down to what type of environment you have your snakes in. If you have your snakes in a natural environment, i.e. climbing branch, chipped substrate and such, I would recommend Black Knight or Provent-a-Mite, simply because the spray will hit all the nooks and crannies and work more effectively. However, this product CANNOT be used to rid your snakes of mites, just their environment. If you use a simple enclosure, i.e. paper towels or newsprint substrate, rubbermaid of aquarium enclosure, then Nix would be the way to go, simply becasue you can bathe your snake in it, to rid them of the mites. Secondly, a simple enclosure is easy to spray and clean out, the more simple the enclosure, the easier it will be to completely eliminate ALL mite residue. NIX will provide you with a two-pronged approach to mite elimination; snake, and environment (and is 1/4 the price of the other two products.
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