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Re: Newbie question: can i own a snake successfully if i travel foe work all the time

In my opinion, it would be really tough. On one hand, snakes aren't social animals and definitely won't miss the interaction so that's a plus.

However, unless you already have somebody extremely reliable close to home who is willing and able to check on your snake and take care of feeding, spot cleaning, etc...
This person will also have to know how to handle, feed and ID any issues the snake may have (i.e shed cycles, food refusals, health issues, etc...). And in my opinion they'd have to stop by at least every other day while you're gone.

As for Hognose and BPs....I wouldn't go Hognose. They can be especially difficult to get feeding, especially juvenile males. Without being able to be there for feedings every 5 days and learn with the animal I wouldn't suggest it. Not to mention Hognose are rear fanged and mildly venomous, so that's something to consider when asking a friend/family member to watch your snake.

BPs in my opinion are super easy snakes. You'll hear stories about them going on food strikes, which they do, but if you're prepared it shouldn't be a problem.

I also wouldn't want to be away from home for the first few weeks to make sure all is going well, the animal is eating, etc....before leaving and stressing while I'm gone whether or not my new pet is acclimating and eating for whoever you find to help you out.

Personally, a week or two here and there is one thing. But if it's consistent and often extends longer than two weeks I think it may be best to hold off.
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