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Re: Newbie question: can i own a snake successfully if i travel foe work all the time

Baby or growing juvenile snakes are typically fed once weekly. Larger adults can go 2-3 weeks between feedings w/out any worries, particularly some of the boas with very slow metabolisms.
I have a couple of Halmahera Island ground boas that I only feed about once a month now. I was feeding them more often, not really paying attention to them individually, and they got quite fat. Cut way back on the schedule, and they've slimmed down a bit now, but still could stand to lose a bit more of their excess.
There is one dwarf species of boa constrictor that originated on an isolated island. The only time food is avaialble there is once yearly when the migratory birds nest and raise their chicks, nothing else lives on the island throughout the rest of the year. Rather an extreme example of adaptation, but yes, it can be done.
Fresh water is another matter, however. Even a large tub of water isn't going to remain useful over a weeks-long interval, and some snakes are quite prone to poop or drop urates in their water bowl, particularly if they like to soak.
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