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Newbie question: can i own a snake successfully if i travel foe work all the time?

Hi all

Im interested in snake ownership and I know i have a lot to learn about it. Im interested either in a ball python or hognose. Ive owned pets before, responsibility and budgeting are not a problem.

My question boils down to whether or not I am actually capable of (or should) own a snake considering the circumstances of my working life -

Basically, I live alone, again not an issue, but I am also not home on anything that even resembles a regular schedule. I am normally out on work trips to repair machinery in the field, typically i spend 75 percent of my time away from home and typical trips are 1 to 2 weeks in length, but can spontaneously baloon in time up to six weeks.

I have never been away from home more than 6 weeks

At the same time, I do not have a lot of control of this, and for what its worth in an emergency i could have somwone go and feed my snake though it might be slightly difficult to arrange.

So heres the crux of my question: could i join in this hobby and provide a good standard of care for a snake with about this ability to schedule feedings? Is there a snake or something more suitable to a slightly irregular feeding schedule that I should consider?

If the answer is that I should not own a snake i respectfully understand. Thats why im here asking. I would rather not go through with this if I would not be providing my animal with the well being that it deserves.
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