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I dont see how V.hb was offending anyone at all...Honestly,I dont understand why he's wasting his time debating with some of you,from what Ive seen. It's funny how such a simple post can result in somewhat of a war.
I will tel you why you dont understand why I was offended it is be cause V.hb edited all is insulting posts and now you could not find them if you wanted to but that doss not change that fact that he said what he said.

Any way it is done and over with and I will forget about it but dont let me catch him doing that again caus I will save all his replys and expos them and send a copy the the adinastration
Like I said if I am wrong I am wrong and I will fess up to it but dont post somthing and remove it so ppl like Turtle Matt can't see why we are mad at you ( in a general sence)
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