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Now that we clear'd that up we can getback to our debat.

Do snakes have feelings?
by jpaulson
Feelings does not nessecarily mean affection
by V.hb
affection is a type of of emotion!
by V.hb
PS Snakes do have feelings,
By V.hb.
humans show many of these, snakes dont!
by v.hb
Quote: for the snakes having can believe that all you want. Its really nice and cute if you think your ball python has feelings and he loves you because hes never bitten you..thats okay. But always remember deep down that they really dont have feelings and if they have a bad day one day..they could bite you.
by snake lady
so lets get this straight:
FEALINGS=love, hate,sadnes,joy,anger......
EFFECTION= tendernes,attachement
by chondro python

I am sorry but I needed to recap every thing so I can make sence with everything.

I will be the first to say that this debat was realy fun but it was but it was based only on pure theory and no scientafic reserch can back either side up. but both sides expresed great points and reserched documents any way I am ready to close this debat on the grounds that neither side can realy prove contrary of the other.
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