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Re: 3 snakes same setup but 1 is having shed problems

Originally Posted by Aaron_S View Post
Weird. Usually snakes shed just fine. I bet it's a humidity issue when going in a shed cycle. You can dump a water dish of water in the enclosure for a shed cycle and then clean out the tank after.

In the mean time I would use a damp face cloth and handle the snake allowing it to slither through the face cloth and the snake should shed itself.
My corn snake just had his 2nd shed today and it was complete. Tank right next to hers. Of course I have dividers so they can't see each other. I don't have a humidity hide either which I was thinking of trying. My others guys haven't needed it though. I'm trying to figure out what the issue is to keep it from happening in the future. She can't be stressed, I'm not handling her. When I feed her a pinkie, I just leave it in the tank. I have been spraying the tank once I realized. She can be shyer than my fossorial snakes sometimes. The last time I helped her shed I soaked her in warm water (too shallow to drown and was supervised) for 10 min then very gently stroked the shed off. Most of it came off like a glove except one spot close to where the shed broke. I read about and watched videos on this before attempting.

Thanks for the help. I will definitely try the washcloth method. I like the idea of her shedding herself better.
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