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New here! Help with injections!

Hi there!

I'm a bit distressed. I have an almost 7-ft Nicaraguan Firebelly boa, 3 years old - absolutely AWESOME snake - named Draco. I bought him a couple weeks ago at an Expo, knowing that he had a bump on his nose which the breeder said was scar tissue from a nose rubbing injury over a year ago.

To be safe - to be sure it wasn't a persistent abscess - I went ahead and got him right in with an exotic pet vet. He prescribed antibiotics, and gave the first injection in the office.

Here's the problem. He said to give it in the LAST third of the body, like 2 feet from the tail. Everything I'm reading now says to give it in the FIRST third of the body. I just gave him his second dose where the vet told me...but I'm confused. Should I switch to first 1/3 of his body upon the next injection 3 days from now? Did these first two injections hurt him?? Was this vet inexperienced? Help!
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