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3 snakes same setup but 1 is having shed problems

I have 3 snakes, a pueblan milk snake, albino striped corn snake, and common garter snake. All 3 are approximately the same size, 12 inches-ish. All 3 are in a 10g(they each have their own tank and bigger tanks are already purchased and waiting) with the exact same substrate(aspen) and even the same decor(water dish and layout is even the same). The garter snake and corn snake have complete sheds with no problems. I've had the garter snake for 3-4 months and have seen many successful sheds. From researching care sheets, their temp requirements are very similar, the corn snake was reccomended slightly cooler 80 instead of 90. My corn snake I've had 1 1/2 to 2 months and have had successful complete sheds. My pueblan milk snake is I've had 1 to 1 1/2 month. She was overnight delivered in shed. Her 1st shed she successfully shed her head and a few inches past. I had to assist her in shedding the rest because even with extra misting she wasn't getting it herself. She's been hiding for several days and now it looks like she is having trouble shedding again. Her head area is successfully peeled and a little down her body.

Humidity is 30-40% 90 on the hot side and about 75 on the cool side. Why is she specifically having trouble with shedding and not the other guys?

My garter I don't handle much currently. It was affecting me working him off worms to frozen/thawed. He liked pooping on me when I was. The corn snake I handle 1-2 times a week at a 10-15 min interval. I have not tried to handle my pueblan milk snake much other than when I had to help her shed before. I'm trying to get her to eat regularly before I even think of working on handling. She went 3 weeks before I went and started getting live pinkies. She will eat these. I will keep trying F/T every other week and go to live if I have to.

She also looked a little wrinkled in spots that isn't shed. I've started extra misting the tank and hoping she can shed on her own. Someone before recommended getting a thermostat which I don't have currently. My temps are based off gauges and testing I've done with a probe and turtle dock for finding basking temp at different distances using the same light/bulb. I have seen her slither through her water dish and all over it but not soak or drink but I'm at work for 8 hours of every week day. I don't catch dawn and sometimes miss dusk.

I only have a few years experience so any help is welcome. I do however have 16 other snakes(7 different species out of all 19 snakes). I bred some this year and a bunch of that number is babies. All of these other snakes I have had no trouble with incomplete sheds. The 3 snake species I named are my new snakes for this year. Why am I having so much trouble with this one? Per care sheets this is supposed to be a beginner level snake and other snakes I've bought from the same place are doing great.
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