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Re: Extremely defensive zebra carpet, advice?

your young carpet sees you as a predator when you reach down over the top of it. your heat signature is giant, and you don't smell like a rodent- conclusion? "this thing is gonna eat me!" it's gonna try to bite, pee, poop, etc on you defensively in order to save itself. young carpets are notoriously bitey, but as they get some size on them, and you are consistent w handling, they typically get better. that said, i've had some carpets that were just jerks their whole life and would try to bite be any chance they could. but, that can be said about most species.

you might try using a small cage hook to lift it out of the enclosure and then transferring to your hand. I never stick my hand directly into my snake enclosures. also, at some point you may want to look into a pvc type enclosure w sliding/hinged doors. something like AP Cages or Boaphile.
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