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Well spoken, chondro.

1. Talk or argue about something: to talk about something at length and in detail especially as part of a formal exchange of opinion.
2. Think about something: to ponder something carefully

I, myself, do not post here or on any site just to hear myself talk, to increase my post count, or to get stars. I post here to see and hear others opinions in a RESPECTFUL manner and to share my knowledge, and to gain others' knowledge.

V.hb, I too saw that you COMPLETELY changed your post. You were the one starting to turn this into a flame, then to change it to "Agreed, lets not turn this into a flame"?

You, nor anyone else, will EVER see me edit a post. I check my spelling (usually) before I submit, and that should be the only reason to use the edit function. If I make a post that gets attacked or belittled or whatever, so be it. It is just another notch in my constant learning cycle. All that anyone knows of members here is by the words that they type--so I make a point to "ponder carefully" what it is that I type. I respect others, and in return, hope that I EARN theirs. Above all else, I like to see others' replies, and to possibly see things from a different angle.

So, please, if you or anyone wants to participate in these forums, do so out of respect to others, and keep it civil. The day that this site is taken over by flames is the day that I leave.
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