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Exclamation A little concerned about my new bci

So I decided to make the jump from ball python to boa. Had my little lesser for 2 years now and he is basically a pet rock. He comes out when he is hungry and he throws a tantrum when there is poop in his nappy (hide). When i first got him he took a while to find his hides he only climbed the glass once and it took me 2 seconds to work put some idiot unplugged the heat mat for her hair dryer. Anyway I'm pretty good and spotting snakes issue is what I'm trying to say.

But my boa has me stumped I have no idea what is wrong with her.... well I have some theories hoping someone can help me. She is climbing the glass which I know is a sign of stress, but she climbs the glass and then sleeps there. Is she isn't doing that she is in her water bowl asleep. Or hiding behind her hide! Never in.

I can't post photos until my 5 post so we will have to work with what we have.

Option one) temperatures, she has a heat matt now this heat mat covers half the enclosure. The heat in her two hides is around 88 90. The rest if the mat is between 80 and 85 depending on substrate deaths.

Option two) humidity the humidity is 70

Option three) hides now I have gone through a series of hides trying to stop her from being stressed yes I see the hypocrisy. I had just the two with some clutter and a branch to climb. After reading it could be to much for a baby boa I went just to two hides. I then read it could be the hides being too big so I made some smaller ones out of boxes at had and stacked them around. 3 on each side.

Option 4) the tank is a 4 by 2 I have half of it sealed off so a 2 by 2 my python used to be in the tank ( before her) any chance she could be smelling where he was next door. But the thing is that is the area she is trying to get too.

Option 5) she has just come from a tub and isn't use to such a large area.

Option 6) i need to stop treating and worrying and leave her alone to settle. But this is day r now and the last think i want is for her to be tortured in something not right.
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