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Re: Thinking about breeding tangerine Honduran milksnake

Originally Posted by SnakesareCool View Post
Hi all! This is my first post here! I am looking into breeding Tangerine Honduran Milk snakes. I have one, Iím pretty sure she is a female but I really donít know. Tangi is around 4 to 5 years. I would also need another snake...How do you post pictures here? Maybe I could post a picture of Tangiís tail and maybe someone could give me a better idea-? Anyway I have some other questions.
What incubators do you all recommend? If Iím gonna do this Iím gonna get an awesome reptile incubator. Price doesnít matter much. Oh and if it could be good for bearded dragons too, that would be great!
What bedding do you all like to use for eggs?
What containers do you like to use for eggs?
Is the cooling period really necessary prior to breeding?
I heard you cannot go above 84 and not below 80 and 90% humidity, correct? And what temperature do you set it on? 82F?
If I end up getting a male or female, what variations are there? I wouldnít mind getting another type of tangerine, I want to stay in milksnakes and Hondurans but I wouldnít mind a different color or something like that.
Thank you in advance!
Loads of good questions.

First, I think it's best you find a quality mentor to assist you in sexing and helping you along in this journey. The internet can only take us so far.

Second, you'll need a mate and get it settled in and eating/quarantined before breeding.

Third, I found the cooling period is a pretty big deal for colubrids so I'd err on the side of caution and use it.

Fourth, lots of morphs but what is your budget? I would go with something with tang in it already. Like a tang albino. Sure you'll end up with no visual albinos in the clutch but all the babies will be tangerine and you can holdback to the coolest ones.

Fifth, I built my own incubator so I don't know about commercial ones. Before using it for multiple species ensure the temps are the same for both species eggs. Breeding beardies will garner many eggs and they may end up at the same time as the milk snakes and you might not have ideal conditions in one incubator.
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