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Hey, i honestly feel that its genetics. each snake will react differently
Well you are listening to a few things I was saying

Like my Dad would say''it's the way I built I can't help it dame it''
You really need to learn to debate with your mind and not with your anger. Have you not noticed that me, snakelady, jpaulson we have addmited each others good points and then quoted each other and present our argument or points.this is something you need to start to do. When you are not capable of proving your point all you can do is admit your defeat.

And you really need to stop editing your whole post to something new cause you started to say we are imposible to debate with and now it was changed to.

Agreed, keep this from becoming a flame.
So plz unless you can debate and admit when you are wrong dont reply and if you do reply dont keep changing your response After some one posted cause the members from are not idiots just cause they dont respond dosent mean that they dont read what you said.

and if you're gonna go abouts insulting me about the way I do things at least have the guts to leave the post there for the rest to see you never know you might have some one that does not like me either and he/she may try to back up your points if you have some valid ones (now if it was a moderator that removed the post thank you and if so just edit what I said so that way we will understand each other) anyway I need to get to my debate with jpaulson and I do not entend to have to defend myself like this again.

I just edited my post for spelling mistakes..thats what your supposed to do with the edit option.
0.1 Jungle Carpet Pythons,

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