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If you read my post, I never claim to know for a fact what my snake is feeling if it feels anything at all. I say he "seems" to be relaxed or whatever. It's pretty obvious when a snake seems stressed so I just take it that it "seems" content to be out when displaying relaxed type of behaviors. We'd all love to think that our herps enjoy something or have some kind of feeling but the truth is they most likely don't and we wont find out either way for quite some time.

Now, would the snake choose to go out? That's a good question. I don't think the snake would choose to go to a blessing per say! (who knows!!!) but I do think that pet snake do have the desire to explore outside their cage. If not, how do you explain my BP's trying to get out almost everynight for hours on end and snakes escaping in general?

So this debate can never truly be answered. Would a snake enjoy an outing? I would think so because it's something new to explore, etc. but on the other hand, what we give the snake to explore and what it would choose are two completely different things. A snake would explore dark corners and prefer not being seen as opposed to being brought out to a park where there are people and other animals.

But how does one know that the snake doesn't like the outing? It can't tell you that either!

Hence why I try to "read" my snake as well as I can and respect it's "mood" or whatever else you want to call it!

This is a very interesting discussion indeed!

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