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Re: Introduction/new reptile owner questions.

Welcome to the forum!!

Honestly, Hognose are adorable. I love my boy Cosmo to death. But they can be very tricky snakes, especially for beginners. They can be extremely difficult to get started eating, especially males.
And it's VERY IMPORTANT to understand that they are rear fanged and mildly venomous. So if you or anybody in your home has any allergies like bee stings or any illnesses that affect the immune system a Hognose might not be a smart choice.

I can't give you any advice on the leo, since I'm a snake guy, but I do know they make good beginner pets.

As for the guinea pigs being in the same room, won't be a problem. My snakes shared a room with my ferrets for a few years with no I'll effects at all.

Obviously, if one is out the other is securely locked in their enclosure though.
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