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Re: Hatchling retic not eating

Originally Posted by Albert Clark View Post
Well, it's great that the breeder won't release the animal until it's feeding on a regular basis. That is the right thing to do. I would still want info into what type of prey is being offered. Also, if the animal is healthy what does the breeder think is the cause of the inappetance? Maybe a "failure to thrive" ? Usually " failure to thrive" is a hatchling colubrid phenomenon and not typically seen in the giant constrictor snake population.
I agree it's best for the animal to take meals before releasing. I talked with the breeder and he offered me a different snake. I went to a reptile show today and seen some more retics he had, he let me take home a beautiful female Titanium Tiger retic which was $100 more and didnt charge me, and went an extra mile and said when the mochino female I originally pre purchased started to take meals I could get her for half the original price. Absolutely pleased and just cant complain at this point.

The Titanium tiger I got she seems a little smaller she will catch up though. She did seem a little stressed and didnt do too many tongue flicks and would stick just the tip of the tongue out. But she is settling in. I do have too large of a cage right now (3x2) but she has hides I'll keep an eye on her and see how she settles in. But I may have to get a small tub for her but we will see. Being she has the hides she may be ok.
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